Israel's AgriFood Summit is the largest agrifood event in Israel, showcasing over a hundred local startups with cutting-edge technologies, who aim to transform the food and agriculture industries that are under the threat of a changing climate. 


In 2012, the first AgriVest showcased Israeli agrifood tech to international investors and industry leaders. By 2015, when the third conference took place, agrifood tech had gained a foothold in the global investment community.


The ecosystem for agricultural technologies — and the AgriVest tradition — has been firmly established. We are proud to have played a part in putting agrifood tech on the map.


We live in a world of change. From dwindling amounts of usable land, to a scarcity of natural resources, to shifting climate patterns, the challenge facing growers and multinationals alike is the same: to grow more with less — more crops and more food with less land, less water, and less energy.


AgriVest addresses this challenge by bringing together leaders from industry, business, and government in a forum focused on the trends, the inventive solutions from 12 young Israeli agrifood tech companies, and the opportunities that await both the innovators and investors in this sector.


Israel, a small area geographically, with a scarcity of agricultural and natural resources, pioneered numerous solutions to make the desert bloom. That’s what makes Israel the ideal place to learn about and embrace new agtech ideas and technologies that will help the world “do more with less” in the coming decades.

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FoodTechIL is the main FoodTech event in Israel. Launched in 2011, the purpose FoodTechIL event is to bring together all relevant stakeholders in the FoodTech space such as entrepreneurs, researches, academic institutes, startup companies, F&B brands, investors and service providers.

This year, FoodTechIL will be held in a virtual format as part of Israel's AgriFood Summit. 

The event aims to utilize the assembly as a platform for discussing the role of technology and innovation in the F&B industry. The Symposium acts as a place for networking and enables collaboration between FoodTech startups, entrepreneurs, global F&B brands & international investors.

FoodTech IL has grown from having less than a hundred attendees in 2011 to an expected 1500 international attendees at the 2019 event.

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